Who needs TDG Training?

According to the TDG Regulations, if you are handling, preparing for transport or carrying dangerous goods you must be trained and certified on TDG. It would be up to your employer to determine what type and level of training you will need for your position. We provide training and testing for over 70,000 people; companies, organizations and associations. Feel free to ask us any questions about you have about TDG. Call toll free, email or you can Live Chat with us instantly when one of us is available and we’ll answer your questions right away.

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TDG for Employees

TDG for employees "I have several employees and they all need TDG training…"
Yes it is an Employers responsibility to ensure they have educated their employees on TDG.

You are no doubt an expert at something but that may not be an expert on TDF or someone who has knowledge of training people on TDG. But you still need to meet this requirement of having your employees understand TDG and be able to work safely with the dangerous goods you have in your workplace.

Hands on TDG training is what people often use to refer to a second level of training that is done by the employer, a supervisor or manager or person who is knowledgeable on the actual use of each controlled product. This would cover an explanation of the hazards of the product, any personal protective equipment required, safe handling and storage procedures, safe work procedures and what to do in the event of an incident or emergency.

Do you need employee TDG training? Getting staff TDG trained is now much more convenient and affordable with online training and testing services like SafeAndCertified.com. We offer a Canadian TDG Awareness course which you can register for online. Each employee’s login information is emailed to you instantly and within minutes they can be viewing the TDG training materials. When they are ready they can take the online tests. And once each employee has passed the tests their TDG certificate is emailed to you as a PDF.

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