Who needs TDG Training?

According to the TDG Regulations, if you are handling, preparing for transport or carrying dangerous goods you must be trained and certified on TDG. It would be up to your employer to determine what type and level of training you will need for your position. We provide training and testing for over 70,000 people; companies, organizations and associations. Feel free to ask us any questions about you have about TDG. Call toll free, email or you can Live Chat with us instantly when one of us is available and we’ll answer your questions right away.

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Do TDG certificates expire?

Yes, TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) certificates do expire every 36 months (3 years) after its date of issuance.

It is only valid if it is signed by you and your employer. However, according to the TDG Regulation, TDG certificates are also not transferable between employers. This means that if a trainee changes employers, they will need to be re-certified by the new employer and possess a training certificate with the new employer's name, address, etc. This also applies to if you change job descriptions. For example if you were driving a vehicle but now you are training to be a ‘Handler’ of dangerous goods you will need to be retrained.

If you are self-employed, you can then issue your own certificate. This would mean you will have the responsibilities of an employer and the responsibilities of an employee.

So at what point would someone not accept a TDG certificate? A TDG Certificate would not be accepted 3 years after its day of issuance.

You may also be required to produce proof of TDG training when you work contract work or are working on another company’s job site or location so you must keep your certificate with you or near you. You may also have to produce it at the request of a dangerous goods inspector. This is the reason some people want to have a wallet size TDG card. A TDG card makes it easy to show this as workers go from one job site to another location.

What does a TDG certificate do? When you pass a TDG test, other people can use that as a sign that you understand the material and test questions. When you get your Driver’s License it is a sign that you have completed a driver’s test and understand things like how to read traffic signs and the rules of the road.

What is important on a TDG certificate? A certificate should include the trainee or employee’s full name, the employer’s full name and address, the date it was issued on, the expiry date, the trainee’s or employee’s and employer’s signatures and an issuing company or training provider who can be contacted to attest to the validity of the certificate or answer questions on the training and testing process.

I need to retake my TDG – where do I go?

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I have employees who need to renew their TDG can we do this online?

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