Who needs TDG Training?

According to the TDG Regulations, if you are handling, preparing for transport or carrying dangerous goods you must be trained and certified on TDG. It would be up to your employer to determine what type and level of training you will need for your position. We provide training and testing for over 70,000 people; companies, organizations and associations. Feel free to ask us any questions about you have about TDG. Call toll free, email or you can Live Chat with us instantly when one of us is available and we’ll answer your questions right away.

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For personal WHMIS training for one person.

Is online TDG legit?

Online TDG seems like the way to go. When you search online for TDG training or TDG certificate, you will see a list of web based services that allow you to take the course online. In fact you may have to scroll through a lot of search results to find a place where you could go to a TDG workshop that had a face to face trainer.

Some people think that the only reason online TDG is so popular is because it costs less to deliver online compared to face to face training. This may be true depending on the cost of each delivery option – but it is not the real reason online TDG is so popular.

The real reason is that online TDG training works. It is effective.

In the online TDG course I can see an image of TDG Hazard symbols, and listen to the audio describe what the hazards are. This can be just as effective as sitting in a TDG workshop and listening to a trainer say the same thing.

Both online TDG and a workshop TDG can be legit and provide you with knowledge on Transportation of Dangerous Goods. It comes down to what is the most convenient, affordable and method you are comfortable. Some people may be intimidated by a computer but some people may be just as intimidated in a classroom. Choose the TDG option that is best for you. And if you still have questions call or email us, we can help.

Where can I take online TDG for myself…

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I have several employees that need TDG online, how do I get started…

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