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According to the TDG Regulations, if you are handling, preparing for transport or carrying dangerous goods you must be trained and certified on TDG. It would be up to your employer to determine what type and level of training you will need for your position. We provide training and testing for over 70,000 people; companies, organizations and associations. Feel free to ask us any questions about you have about TDG. Call toll free, email or you can Live Chat with us instantly when one of us is available and we’ll answer your questions right away.

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CLASS 4: Flammable Solids, Spontaneous Combustion, and Water-reactive Substances

CLASS 4.1: Flammable Solid

A solid that under normal conditions of transport is readily combustible, or would cause or contribute to fire through friction or from heat retained from manufacturing or processing, or is a self-reactive substance that is liable to undergo a strongly exothermic reaction, or is a desensitized explosive that is liable to explode if they are not diluted sufficiently to suppress their explosive properties. Commonly used in lacquers.

Example: Napthalene.

CLASS 4.2: Spontaneously Combustible

A substance liable to spontaneous combustion, under normal conditions of transport, or when in contact with air, liable to spontaneous heating to the point where it ignites. Commonly used in rocket fuel.

Example: Sodium hydrosulphite.

CLASS 4.3: Dangerous When Wet

A substance that, on contact with water, emits dangerous quantities of flammable gases or becomes spontaneously combustible on contact with water or water vapour. Commonly used in heat exchangers (valves).

Example: Sodium.


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